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Your imprint lasts forever.

The new spirituality is no spirituality.

Thank you, men.

How I lose weight using a pendulum.

When marriages fall apart.

Moving slow in a fast world.

If you're not adopted, you will never understand.

The inside is your outside.

You should do this.

Advanced beings . . .

How pendulums enhance your psychic abilities.

How to start an intuitive business.

The life of a Tarot reader.

Six reasons why you won't write your book...

The things I cannot do anymore.

The Tarot reader who has no answers.

Happy menopause.

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What keeps you from being a bougie b*tch?


In praise of relaxation...

A morning full of signs.

How to prevent burning at the stake...

How I deal with sickness.

Why I've given up an earlier God...

The secret to spirituality...

How I do a Tarot session, step by step.

My greatest business secret...

Wealth is yours.

"But I'm not an artist."

Why I stopped reading social media...

When they show you who they are the first time...

Sharp and clear.

Why the world doesn’t know what to do with single women.

Want instantaneous success?

How I reset my energy...

Loneliness is part of the ride.

Why friends can't be clients, clients can't be friends and what to do when you're dumped.

What my motorcycle taught about contentment...

The power of belief.

The year of the dying fathers.

Unscrupulous healers and psychics.

Why should people trust you?

Some things I thought I wanted.

In praise of hindsight.

Ageless You.

My daily motivator.

What it takes to succeed.

The one book I wish I'd read decades ago.

Peace and love to you.

That time when they tried to cast out the demon of homosexuality.

How to be confident with your rates.

Forced to live in the moment.

It's only my opinion.

Things I've learned about the "wealthy" as a Tarot reader.

My cure for insomnia.

3 guaranteed ways to lose clients.

Even the “uber-successful” are still lonely.

9 lessons I've learned from starting my own business.

Why so many healers are unhealthy.

My 3 greatest "failures" in business.

My 3 greatest business moves.

Does Tarot tell your future?

Do I believe in Jesus?

Why I don't own a smartphone.

How I write a book in 6 steps.

Why you never get over a soulmate.

A normal human being Tarot reader.

False gods, Part II.

False gods, Part I.

Am I really a Tarot reader?