And to me.
Spoiler: it didn’t work.
Free time or figures?
Yea! Spiritual growth!
Thanks for reading! Feel free to like my post, comment and share with friends. —R No client will ever accuse me of wasting their time in a session. One…
And why I stopped judging them.
{I’m big on disclaimers, so to be clear: I’m not a doctor and though this post is informative re: my personal decisions, nothing should be considered…
..and 3 ways to gain them.

February 2023

Why even the “uber-successful” are still lonely.
“More like water, less like rock” isn't just a cute byline...
Girl, you know it's true.
If you missed the success part: Note: I don't consider anything in business or life a failure. It’s simply experience. Now onto the not-so-successful…