I was once a strict fundamentalist Christian. All in with the Jesus crew. Want to know how I went from Praise and Worship to woo woo? Start with my bestselling memoir, The Reluctant Tarot Reader or my trilogy, Love. Sex. Tarot. Or keep reading my Sub . . . you’ll get the story in bits and pieces.

I'll lean into my fundie past and love of solitude, books and women — to name a few. An overarching theme will be the adventures I’ve had as an intuitive for the last 20 years. If I travelled to Earth in the hopes of understanding humanity, being a Tarot reader has provided eons of knowledge. I’m grateful.

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Former Christian still seeking the historical Jesus. Thoughts on spirituality, love, the mysterious Goddess -- and how to stay happy in a world that appears to be falling apart (it's not).


Raven E. Black

Writer. Ex-fundie but still fun. I read 78 pieces of paper for a living.